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Jianke Pan(潘建科)

Postdoctoral Fellow


Research interest: Metallo-supramolecules in catalysis

2021 – 至今    深圳大学,化学与环境工程学院,博士后

2018 – 2021    四川大学,化学学院,博士

2014 – 2017    贵州大学,精细化工研究开发中心,硕士

2010 – 2014    贵州大学,化学与化工学院,学士

2021  present    College of Chemistry and Environmental Engineering, Shenzhen University, Postdoc

2018 – 2021    College of Chemistry Sichuan University, Ph.D.

2014 – 2017    Center for Research and Development of Fine Chemicals of Guizhou Univerity, M.S.

2010 – 2014    College of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, Guizhou University, B.S.


The construction of self-assembled supramolecular based on metal coordination and its application to asymmetric catalytic reactions.

1. PanJ.;# Wu, J.-H.;# Zhang, H.; Ren, X.; Tan, J.-P.; Zhu, L.; Zhang, H.-S.; Jiang, C.; Wang, T.* Highly enantioselective synthesis of fused tri-and tetrasubstituted aziridines: aza-darzens reaction of cyclic imines with a-halogenated ketones catalyzed by bifunctional phosphonium salt. Angew. Chem. Int. Ed., 201958, 74257430 (#: equal contribution to the work).

2. Wu, J.-H.;# Pan, J.;# Wang, T.* Dipeptide-based phosphonium salt catalysis: application to enantioselective synthesis of fused tri- and tetrasubstituted aziridines. Synlett201930, 21012106 (#: equal contribution to the work).

3. Pan, J.; Yu, L.; Liu, D.; Hu, D.* Synthesis and insecticidal activity of mesoionic pyrido[1,2-α]pyrimidinone derivatives containing a neonicotinoid moiety. Molecules201823, 1217.

4. Zhang, G.-P.;*# Pan, J.;# Zhang, J.; Wu, Z.-X.; Liu, D.-Y.; Zhao, L. Design, synthesis, antiviral activities of novel phosphonates derivatives containing quinazoline based on chalone motief. J. Heterocycl. Chem., 201754, 25482555 (#: equal contribution to the work).

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