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Shunran Zhang(张顺然)

Research Assistant


Research interest: Cotrolled ploymerization of metallo-helicoid

2020 – 至今    深圳大学,化学与环境工程学院,硕士在读

2016 – 2020    广东医科大学,药学院,学士

2020 – present    College of Chemistry and Environmental Engineering, Shenzhen University, M.S. candidate

2016 – 2020        College of Pharmacy, Guangdong Medical University, B.S.


The synthesis and properties of regular topological structure polymers containing diimides and other functional molecules.Inspired by the construction of α-helices by proteins, synthetic macromolecules such as folding bodies that are covalently connected to the molecular backbone and driven by non-covalent forces to form a regular conformation are designed and synthesized.

《一种 3D 的 Cd(II)基混合配体 MOF 应用于硝基芳香族和铁离子的检测研究》

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